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The ultimate cooling and misting system
Uniquely featured system defines the
state-of-the-art in misting systems.

For example our triplex pump has the reputation for being the quietest, most compact available. Superior system design eliminates overheating and provides simple filter service. Unique rotational-molded enclosure will not rust or peel, protecting your misting system investment.

Mist Monster systems can be sized from 15 GPH to 60 GPH all within the same enclosure. Larger Mist Monster systems can be designed to customer specifications. Typical misting system components include: high pressure dump valve, low pressure inlet valve, and inlet pressure regulator.

Our misting system provide solutions for many industries.
Cooling Fans, Misting, Fogging, Atomization, general cooling, oven cooling, mold cooling, furnace cooling, fumigation, sanitization, temperature control, humidity control, dust control, dust suppression, converyor belt dust control, mist scaping, special effects and many more....

The Mist Monster at work

The most important parts of a misting system are the nozzles. From patio to pole barn we offer quality choices to match your application and pocket book.
• Water droplet size approach a single micron level in size
Our ultra precision turbine diffuser nozzles produce droplet sizes down to 3 microns (1/1000 mm). The result is greater surface area, higher speed flash evaporation and more effective cooling.
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